proVoce and Marianna Giordano are recommended as one of California’s finest vocal studios by:

Liz Caplan, renowned New York City Vocal Consultant
Rob Woyshner, principal pianist for the Segerstrom Center for the Performing Arts
OCSA – Theatre Department
St. Margaret’s Episcopal School – Theatre Department


To bring to the world good music through good training. Recognizing that it is critical for singers to be comfortable in front of an audience, proVoce offers many different types of classes and performance opportunities. Group instruction is an excellent way to experience performing in a truly supportive environment and to grow along with others as each artist develops sure pathways to success. proVoce studios goes far beyond voice lessons to develop each student’s ability to not only sing well, but to deliver a strong, confident, and satisfying performance for both the singer and the audience.

For details about individual or group instruction offered at proVoce in Orange County or L.A., contact Marianna at provoce@cox.net or (949) 456-5134.